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Dear Guests,


As you are undoubtedly aware we are now facing the second wave of the corona virus. The government has taken further measures to limit the spread of the virus. For this reason we have been obliged to close and are therefore sadly unable to welcome you at present. Please note: this does not affect our holiday home rentals, provided the bubble is respected. 


This means that our team is only working part time.  


Should you be planning your seminar, team building or event for next year, please don’t hesitate to contact us by mail. We’ll be delighted to help you. 


Stay safe and take care of each other. Hope to see you soon! 


The Wildtrails team  

Tel : 084368550 


Why choose Wildtrails and our locations, even in times of Covid-19? 

  • Exclusivity and privacy of our premises: you are our only guest, only one company/guest per building.  
  • Lower risk compared to hotels. Indeed, large hotels mean lots of people. Smaller locations mean less people and therefore less risk. 
  • Over 70 single guest rooms. 
  • Spacious meeting rooms, dining rooms and patios in the middle of nature. 
  • Safe meetings thanks to our Covid measures. 
  • Bring your team closer (but from a safe distance). 
  • Lovely fresh air from the Ardennes. 
  • Local and healthy food. 


Our safety measures which have been in force ever since 9 June 2020 (and which have been very positively received by our customers)    


  • Mandatory use of face mask by our own employees 
  • Obligatory hand disinfection for everyone
  • 40 disinfection stations 
  • Clear communication and signs on every site: car parks, reception, toilet facilities, meeting and dining rooms, bar, patios, …  
  • Covid-19 safe activities and team building sessions 
  • ‘Social distancing’ floor mats with clear instructions 
  • Exclusive occupation of a premises
  • A rigorous disinfection and cleaning programme/customer/location
  • Extra meeting and catering facilities in order to guarantee the physical distance
  • Option to hold meetings outdoors (with outdoor heating and rain protection)
  • Single rooms
  • Adapted catering:  method of serving and packing plus food protection
  • Modified activities to make sure that the 1.5m social distance is respected
  • Disinfection of all materials used, both before and after the activity