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Location hunting

Whether it’s a large-scale occasion, breath-taking film set, exclusive party, unique product launch or glamourous photoshoot, … we’re ready to bring your vision to life. With our passion for discovering unique and enchanting locations, we do everything possible to enhance your event.
The term "big bang" gained new meaning with our spectacular launch event, during which customers were welcomed in a world of amazing and made-to-measure experiences. In addition to unveiling new products, these activities were also valuable in building precious relationships and creating lasting impressions.


Our services cover a wide range of supporting activities to ensure that every project is successful:


  • CUSTOMISATION: We understand that each event is unique. That’s why we work closely with our customers to understand your vision before looking for the perfect location to meet your individual requirements.


  • Thanks to our extensive network and years of experience in the Ardennes we have access to a diverse selection of locations: an unknown and abandoned quarry, an old wooden barn, the perfect tree or rock in the river, an authentic castle farm, and everything in-between.
  • Perhaps you want water, a particular ambience or special colours, …  Share your criteria with us and we’ll take the lead in finding you the ultimate location.
  • We manage every step in the process with precision and care: From location hunting to negotiating with owners and authorities.


  • Our experienced team is ready to assist and advise you throughout the process, from the first concept right through to actually running your event. 
  • You can count on us to handle hosting and catering for the crew, arrange (4x4) transport on site and supply décor accessories in order to create your desired look and feel. 
  • In order to provide precise information about your event or project, we issue specifications with details of your filming days, necessary crew members, required elements and other essential details. These sheets provide a structured summary and help in planning and executing every project with the utmost efficiency and accuracy.


  • We always strive for full service throughout your project, and we’re quite used to the challenges, including last-minute changes. Flexibility and a fast response are just some of our strengths thanks to years of experience in the industry.
  • Our focus lies on delivering premium service and finding the most suitable location to match your needs.  
  • We already partner various top brands and companies, including BMW (launch of new GS motorbike and the new 5 series), Levi’s, AS Adventure photoshoots (winter, summer, autumn, ski, bike, kids and camping collection), Libelle, Antargaz, Lee, Wrangler, The North Face, launch of the new Polestar (Effie Award-winning campaign), Dassy (photoshoot new catalogue), photoshoot buggie, photoshoot clothes brands, photoshoot whisky brand, …


  • Our portfolio covers a diverse range of TV and film projects, e.g.:
    • Bazart: Clip for the single “Anders” in the album “Onderweg”, with Mathieu Terryn and Simon Nuytten, taking them to first place in the Flemish Top 30. In the same year they also won a MIA for this album.  

Location hunting, location support, décor building & safety, 4x4 transport, permits, …


    • Kamp van Koningsbrugge: the Dutch version of “Kamp Waes”, starring Jeroen Koningsbrugge replacing our Belgian Tom Waes. An adapted version of AVROTROS. 

Location hunting, locations, assignments, permits, …


    • De Patrick: tragicomedy and drama directed by Tim Mielants, starring Kevin Janssens, Hanna Hoekstra and Jemaine Clement. 

Location hunting, hosting, support, …


    • The Voice Flanders: VTM show, on two occasions

Support, activities, catering, locations


    • Go4

Location hunting, brainstorming, assignments, support activities, catering, locations


    • L' Amour est dans le Pré: the final on RTL TVI, as the Walloon version of “Boer zoekt vrouw”, presented by Sandrine Dans. 

Support, activities, catering, locations


    • Les Rivières Pourpres: a series on France Télévision by Jean-Christophe Grangé, starring Olivier Marchal and Erika Sainte.

Location hunting, support and catering for the crew


    • Ernst, Bobbie en het geheim van de Monta Rossa: a film for cinema by Pieter Walther Boer, starring Erik van Trommel and Jan van den Ende. (3 weeks)  

Brainstorming, location hunting, permit, catering, assignments, safety, stunts, 4X4 transport, assisting participants


Location, activities, crew support


    • Now or Never: a TV programme in which people with particular phobias are challenged to overcome "their fears" for large sums of money.

Location, assignments & assistance


    • Iedereen Beroemd: VRT/Woestijnvis

Location hunting, assignments, permits


    • Saar in het Bos: 3-week footage - Saartje Vandendriessche (TV presenter) and Mike De Roover (bushcrafter) survive for 3 weeks in nature, with only a tarpaulin and a sack of rice.

Location hunting, brainstorming, support for activity, government permit, equipment, crew catering and accommodation, …


    • De Kinderpuzzel: 3-week footage for a Flemish adventure game show by Koekentroef, broadcast on Eén, presented by Bart De Pauw and Tine Embrechts.

Brainstorming, location hunting, hosting, assignments, safety, 4X4 transport, assisting participants, …


    • Plus other programmes for channels including VRT, VTM, RTBF, RTL TVI, NOS and more.